This Is The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

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Tao Porchon-Lynch, among many of things, is the world’s oldest yoga teacher. Not only is this 98-year-old woman still practicing yoga, she still does it with such grace and elegance. But, she wasn’t always shown appreciation or acceptance for her gifts.

Growing up a young woman in India wasn’t easy for Tao, especially when it came to her love for yoga. Back then, she got a lot of her inspiration from watching boys play what she thought was a game at the time, but was in fact yoga. When she decided to start playing this ‘game,’ her aunts told her that yoga was not ‘lady-like.’ But of course, as one could guess, those comments did not stop her.

Tao has been teaching yoga for 75 years, and still has a glowing presence and smile on her face. You can see her infectious love of her practice when she speaks of it, and it’s contagious. Even though yoga is her longest lasting passion, it wasn’t her only accomplishment in life. Tao was also a model, an actress, film producer, dancer and even co-founder of American Wine Society. She has also written two books, and gave a TedX presentation. In her presentation, she reminded the audience, “don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do.”

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