Tips For Revamping Your Resume

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With the end of March upon us and another season change in the mix, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Maybe you’re cleaning out your closet, perhaps checking some major to-do’s off of your list…but when is the last time you refreshed your resume? You shouldn’t wait until you’re on the market for a new job to update your resume, you should continue to update it as your job experience strengthens and changes.

Here are some tips for refreshing your resume:
1. Shorten your address: Instead of listing your entire address on the resume, shorten it to just the city and state for conciseness. Online communication eliminates the need for a full address.
2. Qualifications profile: This included profile should go on the top of the page, and summarize how and why you’re unique and perfect for the job!
3. Include language skills: Make sure you list any and all language skills to continue to up your chances for standing out.
4. Pepper in keywords: Resumes are electronically screened before they are passed to a recruiter, so make sure you include some of the keywords listed in the job description.
5. Balance responsibilities and accomplishments: Attach key accomplishments to to each job bullet point to catch the eye.
6. Don’t be afraid to name drop: If you’ve worked with big names in the industry, don’t shy away from dropping those names!

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