Too Much Caffeine Can Affect Your Baby’s Liver Health During Pregnancy

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Bella Breakdown

It’s been said for many years, but drinking caffeine while pregnant is not good. However, despite the warnings, it seems some expecting mothers just can’t curb their caffeine addiction.

But a new study from the researchers at Wuhan University in China has discovered that high consumption of caffeine during pregnancy could increase the risk of liver disease in offspring and lower birth weights. If you’re a carrying a child, but just need a caffeine fix it’s best to keep your consumption as low as possible.

Recent research has found that drinking more than two to three cups of coffee, which is the equivalent of around 300 milligrams of caffeine per day, can lower birth weight.

Research done on animals have also found that caffeine intake can impair liver development and increase the risk of fatty liver disease. A fact that hasn’t been well understood until now.

For this study, the researchers monitored pregnant rats who were given high and low doses of caffeine. A high dose was equivalent to six to nine cups of coffee, and a low dose was equal to two to three cups of coffee.

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