Traveling While Pregnant

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Sometimes it is inevitable that you’ll have to travel while you are pregnant. For me, personally, I threw up on every plane ride I had to take while I was pregnant. It was not fun, but hey I had to do it! There are a few tips that might make your traveling experience while pregnant a whole lot easier for you and the bun in your oven.

1. Hydrate
Drinking a lot of water is a necessity while pregnant, but it’s important to be hyper aware of how much water you’re drinking. We tend to be neglectful of our health while traveling, drinking water included. So to help yourself feel better, remember to drink a lot of water!

2. Timing
It is important to time all of your travel plans around your pregnancy. You might not want to take a trip you’ll need to board a plane for while you are eight months pregnant. You probably don’t want to risk delivering in the air, regardless of how great a story it might be.

3. Eat Healthy
Packing healthy snacks, and making sure to eat before you get on a plane is a great way to avoid munching on unhealthy snacks. Stay away from foods high in sodium, so that you can avoid unnecessary swelling that will make you feel uncomfortable.

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