Trouble Finding True Love? This Might Be Why

Bella Breakdown

You may have found yourself in a slue of bad relationships, or just simply a state of singleness. You might think to yourself, especially after a few glasses of wine, “where oh where is my one true love?”. Okay, so it probably isn’t that dramatic, but thinking about the fact that you haven’t found that really great love can be awfully discouraging. So what is it exactly that is keeping you from finding your true love?

Well it’s probably you who is keeping yourself from finding love. According to a study, 65% of adults believe that it is themselves that are to blame for the lack of love in their lives. Now the majority of these adults believe they are actively choosing the single life. They also feel they aren’t outgoing enough to get out there and date, and believe that it is their low self esteem that keeps them inside and off of the dating apps.

When it comes to physical appearance, a good majority of men and women feel it is their weight that is keeping them from finding a partner. With other things such as balding for men being a factor. Some men actually think they’re just too polite, which is somehow keeping them from love. Sure… that’s it.

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