Trying Food From “Friends”

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I don’t think there’s more I’d rather do than binge watch “Friends” for the tenth time, and indulge in some of my favorite foods. But, what if you got to eat some of the infamous foods from the show! I still think about the famous cheesecake Rachel and Chandler could not stop eating. And what about the Shepard’s Pie/Trifle? Was it really as bad as everyone said?

“Friends” is one of the most influential shows within the past two, nearly three decades. There are so many iconic moments that. Like when Monica was attempting to make the perfect cookie to match up with Phoebe’s Grandmother’s recipe from Nestle Tollhouse, equipped with a perfect French accent.

Or when Ross gets suspended from work when he finds out his boss ate HIS SANDWICH! We all know that at some point or another we wanted to try one of those famous meatball sandwiches that Joey would have jumped in front of a gun for.

The show is funny, and moments especially involving food are totally memorable. If you’re feeling nostalgic and hungry, turn on an episode of “Friends” and make one of the creations in the show. Or you can just sip on some coffee and nibble a muffin so you feel like you’re at The Central Perk.

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