Trying Grandma’s Beauty Tricks

Bella Breakdown

Our grandmothers could very well think we are the generation that knows it all. We have all of this technology, and information in the palm of our hands. But, Grandma knows she’s got some long lasting tricks up her sleeve that she is more than likely to pass down to us. A lot of our grandmothers were probably born between the 1930s and 50s. They grew up in a totally different era. Some of your grandmothers may have been immigrants from other countries, like mine, and have brought with them some of their own interesting beauty regimens. So what are some interesting tips that Grandma has for us when it comes to beauty?

1. “Don’t wrinkle your forehead”. This was a quote I heard almost every time I saw my cute German grandma. She would get so mad at me for furrowing my brow while I was reading something. She knew I was creating a permanent wrinkle in the middle of my forehead.

2. Olive oil on the hands. This was a practice a lot of women used before there were dishwashing machines in the home. They would suffer from dry hands due to soap, so they’d replenish with olive oil.

3. Smile. A lot of Grandmothers believe that the best beauty accessory is to smile.

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