Twisted Half-Up

Bella Breakdown

We joined forces with Birmingham, Alabama-based salon Wheelhouse to bring you this pretty, casual look that’s perfect to dress up for work or dress down for the weekend.

All you’ll need? Some hairspray and a few clear elastics.

Choose a product that gives you flexibility, instead of a hairspray. Start with a section of hair close to the part and begin a loose braid towards the back of your head.

The braid should be imperfect. Tease the end of the braid with a comb to hold it in place, then relax the braid by tugging slightly outwards.

On the other side take a section of hair and twist it away from the face towards the back of your head. Then connect the twist and the braid at the back with one of your clear elastics.

Tuck it over and under. Next, pull back two other sections from the face and secure them below the twist.

Keep repeating this process until you have all of the hair on the top half of the head pulled back loosely. Loosely braid the three twists together to finish the look. Gorgeous!

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