We Love Our Siblings

Bella Breakdown

Growing up, you might have felt like we got stuck with short end of the stick if you had siblings. It was sort of like being on a playdate you never asked for. All the time. I don’t know about you, but I am the middle sister of two brothers. To say we fought was an understatement.

Every time my younger brother and I would go out and play basketball, it would usually end in tears and someone would always get the ball stuck under the deck. My older brother absolutely hated the idea of us younger kids in the room, and made it a point that we needed to fear the wrath if we even stepped foot in his room.

It’s all laughable now. My brothers are two of my closest confidants. I know that isn’t the case for a lot of people in their adulthood. Many have very contentious relationships with their siblings. They still fight just like they did when they were young kids. No two people are ever going to get along perfectly, and that seems to be amplified when you’ve been stuck with someone for your entire life.

That’s just it though, you’ve been with your siblings your entire lives, unless you’re the oldest of course. We know you older children still relish in the few years you were alone and doted on by Mom and Dad. You’ve all gone through the same experiences with your crazy family, and you’ve likely bonded or teamed up at some point against parental injustices. You’re womb-mates for goodness sakes! Go ahead, call your sibling, even if they drive you nuts.

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