We See You, New Dad

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New moms definitely get a lot of attention, as they should. Hello, they just grew and birthed an entire human being, and they feed them. From their own bodies! However, let us not forget that with every new mom, there’s a new dad waiting in the wings for when they can finally be of use. The new dad, especially the new modern dad, knows that he is equally as much of a parent as the mother of his child is.

Dads know that they have a very large role to play in this child’s life. It’s a lot more than teaching their kids how to change a tire, or play sports, or whatever stereotype they’ve been given. New dads have to teach their children morals, values, rules. Just like they have to love their children, and provide for them both physically and mentally. So new dad, what can you do to be of value to your partner and your child?

1. Get the gross stuff
Change diapers, wipe spit up, clean up the leaking fluids.

2. Help with sleep training
Now obviously, if your partner is breast feeding, there’s not much to do about late night feeds. You can, however, offer to get the baby back to sleep if they aren’t going down right away. Be the one to help lull them to sleep with naps.

3. Remember you’re not babysitting
You’re the parent. When you are alone with your kids, you are parenting. Not just watching them for a little while.

4. Do classic dad stuff
Personally, if I was a dad and not a mom, I would make it a point to be really embarrassing and crack dad jokes as much as humanly possible. I would also fall asleep in front of the TV while watching golf.

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