We ‘Whaley’ Love Grandma

Bella Breakdown

Grandma, she’s the best. She makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside… let’s face it, usually with food. She’s also simply just the cutest. Grandma’s are your biggest fan, and your greatest advocate when your parents are being unfair.

So many people hold their grandmothers near and dear to their hearts. Grandparents are not only helpful to their grandchildren, they are helpful to their own children. They often majorly participate in helping their sons and daughters rear their children.

Surprisingly enough, so do Orca whales. Orcas are a matriarchal society, which means these female whales run the show. Orcas travel in pods, and grandmother whales tend to be the heads of those pods.

They create their own languages and cultures in their pods. Sort of like how we create our own traditions and traits with our own grandmothers.

For many of us, our Grandmothers helped raise us. The same is true in Orca whale pods. Orca grandmothers fiercely defend their families, just like our grannies do for us. They often come to the defense of their male offspring when there is a territory issue, or if there is imminent danger.

There are a lot of commonalities between humans and whales and their family dynamics. Whales love their grammys and so do we!

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