Wedding Trends To Wave Good-bye To This Year

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Getting hitched this year? Then it’s a big year for you. Whether you’ve already made the plans or they’re currently in the works, wedding planning is a profession for a reason: weddings are stressful to plan. It’s always a good idea, if you can afford it, to find someone who specializes in planning weddings to take some of the pressure off of you and that lucky someone. Like anything else in life, wedding trends have their ups and downs. Some years, different themes and colors are just simply en vogue. You may be a rule breaker, and that’s a great quality to possess, but you probably want to ditch and/or avoid these wedding trends if your big day falls in 2018. The key is to be unique! Do something that you love, not something you saw online or at a friend’s wedding.

Wedding trends to avoid if this year is the year for you:
1. Avoid using Pinterest: Wedding experts are blaming sites like Pinterest for the monotony in wedding themes. Be unique! Do something that fits with you and your significant other’s style.
2. No more barn themes: Far too many, barns, DIY, boho chic….let’s just agree to stop it.
3. Start capping the bridal party: You just do not need your 20 closest friends all in your bridal party. If you just can’t decide, perhaps just stick with siblings, or keep it at one or two.
4. Blush and rose gold: Sorry, ladies. But blush and rose gold themed weddings have been overdone already.
5. Flower crowns: Again…another add on that has been overdone.
6. Over-produced wedding photos: Keep it simple, keep it relaxed…I’m sure you’ve already seen enough of these bad boys on social media.
7. Photo booths: Oaky, another over-shared photo on social media. Enough with the photo booth photos…

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