Weight Loss Tips From Trainers & Doctors

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We are always bombarded with fitness images and food tips via the internet that sits in the palms of our hands. You see fitness and diet trends come and go, and it is definitely hard to decide what is actually going to work, and what is just a fad.

So who can you actually trust when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Well your doctor and an actual trainer is a great place to start. So, what do they have to say?

1. Don’t always trust the scale. It can be a very fickle thing. The best way to use your scale is to pick one day a week to weigh yourself. Do so first thing in the morning, and it’s suggested to do so without clothes on. The best way to know if you’re losing is actually to measure yourself.

2. Sleep is extremely important, and not just for the fact that if you’re sleeping you aren’t eating. A good amount of sleep does not leave you craving sugars or high fat foods to keep you energized.

3. Water. I don’t think people take this one very seriously. Drink water with every meal. Drink water the first thing in the morning, and right after bed. It will help suppress your appetite and actually keep you energized as well.

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