West Coast Labor Day Vacations

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If you find yourself on the west coast this week, you might want to plan a little trip to one of the amazing places California has to offer. Maybe you didn’t plan anything for Labor Day, and now as the weekend is approaching you are thinking it might be a good idea to pack up some stuff and have yourself a Labor Day vacay.

However, where are you going to go now that it is so last minute? Here are a few places you should vacation to if you want to have a last minute, Labor Day vacation:

1. Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is one of the best beach cities on the west coast. There are a number of fantastic hotels, and AirBnB’s on the Santa Barbara coast that will have you waking up refreshed everyday. Santa Barbara is home to some of the greatest restaurants and shopping, all located on State Street.

2. Palm Springs
The greatest thing about Palm Springs? A poolside vacation. Pretty much anywhere you’ll stay in Palm Springs has a pool. Get a tan, and drink some margaritas!

3. San Francisco
San Fran is as hip as it is historical. San Francisco may have a lot of people, but there is a lot to do! Even if you don’t want to go into the city, a lot of places surrounding the bay offer some amazing sites as well.

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