What Constitutes Cheating?

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Being cheated on is one of the worst betrayals you could ever experience in a relationship. Cheating on someone is probably the worst guilt you could feel in a relationship, unless of course, you’re a sociopath. So, what exactly constitutes cheating? Some people have different opinions of what that could be.

1. Emotional Cheating
Creating a really solid emotional bond with someone could be taken as cheating. When you’re getting something to satisfy you emotionally from someone who isn’t your partner, you could very well be cheating.

2. Inappropriate Texts & Pictures
Sending explicit or provocative texts and pictures to someone who isn’t your partner is definitely something that could be considered cheating. Sure, you’re not physically with someone, nor are you even emotionally connecting with them, but you are giving and receiving a form of sexual satisfaction from someone else.

3. Keeping Your Dating Profiles Active
Sure maybe you haven’t gotten around to deleting your dating apps off of your phone yet, even though you’ve just decided to commit to someone. Sure maybe you’re just swiping to give yourself an ego boost. Oh, someone messaged you? No big deal, maybe you just want to be friends. So, the real question is will you tell your partner that your dating profiles are still active?

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