What Do Most Online Daters Look For In A Partner?

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s nice to know what majority of singles are out there looking for in a mate. Well, singles in the online dating field, that is. The dating world has definitely changed. Along with the new wave of online dating apps, websites and you-name-its, it seems the criteria for what makes a good partner has also changed. Can you guess what most people who are dating online are looking for in a partner? We will give you one guess: it’s no longer just about the hot bod (though that never hurts, right)?

A solid credit score seems to be the attribute most online daters are currently seeking. Instead of the fancy car, the nice clothes and the lavish trips, most singles who seek the online dating scene actually want the potential partner to have financial responsibility. Discover and Match Media Group (the people behind OK Cupid, Match.com and Tinder) conducted a study where they surveyed over 2,000 people to find out just what it is that online daters find “hot” in a potential partner. Who knew credit scores were the new aphrodisiac?

Around 58% of these online daters said they would prefer a solid credit score over a nice car. But the financial piece doesn’t stop there. Just a shade under 70% said financial responsibility, or living within your means, is an extremely important attribute to them. Which means the 67% that preferred a sense of humor fell short of the importance of financial responsibility. I guess it just doesn’t pay to be funny anymore! So, if you plan on dating online, there is a strong chance that your credit score will be an important factor…time to check that score of yours!

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