What Exactly Is A Glo-Up?

Bella Breakdown

While doing your daily social media scan you might’ve come run across some “Glo-up” posts. So what exactly is a “glo-up”. Typically documented on Instagram, it’s when someone has had an amazing transformation from being an awkward little kid to an obscenely attractive adult.

But don’t get the wrong idea here, glo-ups are also indicative of a major life transformation. It can be as simple as us owning who we are and loving it. One woman took to Twitter to post about her own glo-up. She posted a picture of herself with a prom date of the opposite sex, and her now with her female partner. She essentially wanted to get across the idea that, high school is not the end of the world and that it’s okay to embrace who you truly are.

Now, don’t worry, not all glo-ups need to be documented on social media. We’ve all had our own glo-ups of sorts. There was a time when my 15 year-old self thought that the horrors of high school would never end. However, I made it out alive, and I like myself a lot better now than I did then. I guess that’s my own glo-up?

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