What Keeps Romance Alive

Bella Breakdown

Long lasting relationships are sometimes difficult to come by. Even if a couple has had a long lasting relationship, it might not be the most loving one. A lot of people stay together for a long time out of comfort, convenience, family, and religious purposes. But, what about those rare couples that have managed to withhold a long lasting romantic love? You know, that ones that are straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book.

It seems that having fun together might be the key. Enjoying each other’s company, even when times are rough. Being able to depend on one another when things aren’t going your way. Looking to one another for support and guidance, essentially just being one another’s confidants. Remaining lighthearted and being able to do things together that you enjoy definitely helps to cultivate that romance that will keep the two of you with hearts in your eyes not matter how wrinkly you get.

We are often told that human beings are not capable of a lifelong love, but that isn’t always true. There are billions of people in the world, who’s to say you just haven’t found the one that you’ll journey with until death do you part?

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