What The Heck Is The Billie Razor And Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It?

(Photo Source: mybillie.com)

Bella Breakdown

Remember those bear-shaped gummy vitamins that every celebrity was talking about on Instagram a few years back? Or some magic tea that would prevent bloating (aka empty your bowels) that was featured on every story and vlog?

It seems every year there is some product making insane rounds on social media from celebrities to influencers. While most of them are total flops, every so often a diamond in the rough appears and warrants the hype it receives. This year’s highly posted-about but well-deserved and justifiably so, the product is the Billie Razor.

The Billie combines every aspect of product culture and design into one perfect item. The branding and packaging are minimalistic yet eye-catching—very 2019 with its Madewell-esque color palette.

It advertises almost exclusively via social media, so the product sort of sells itself. And, it’s a subscription service, which we all know and love for the convenience.

The razor itself gives and incredibly close and smooth shave all while looking cute, which being honest, make any mundane task more pleasant. It’s also incredibly affordable—new subscribers pay $9 for a razor, two cartridges, and a magnetic wall holder so you can show your new razor off on your shower wall.

The company also makes affordable lotions and shaving creams that can be bundled into your monthly subscription. The products are also made without harsh chemicals and are never tested on animals, so there’s no guilt in opting for the Billie.

The reviews for the cute little razor speak for themselves, and the sales through affiliate links on Instagram are next level. So, here’s to making showering more enjoyable and shaving a more pleasant experience. Thanks, Billie!

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