What To Eat In A Day When You’re Hungover

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Ah, party season. The fun, the dancing, the festive decorations… and the booze. Everyone has been known to overdue it at the holiday party, and you’re likely to face at least one hangover this season. While being hungover can be a miserable experience, knowing how to tackle your symptoms the next day is the fastest way to a cure.

From the time you wake up with that raging headache, to the time you decide you’re ready to sleep the pain away, this is what you should eat during your hangover.

8:00am – Two big glasses of water

First of all, let’s hope you’re not getting up any earlier than this. But once you are up and have to face the facts, start with lots and lots of water. Before any food, your body needs to re-hydrate.

9:00am – Eggs and toast

When you’re ready to put some food in your stomach, go for protein and carbs. Scrambled eggs or an omelette with vegetables is the way to go. Just be sure to skip the cheese as it could further upset your stomach.

11:00am – Ginger tea

Aid digestion and soothe a rumbling stomach with ginger tea. It’s ultra hydrating and has great probiotic benefits. Snack on some more toast or a banana while your sipping if that helps it go down smoother.

1:00pm – Sushi and miso soup

This may sound strange for a hangover, but you want to avoid anything too greasy in the middle of the day. A big pizza will just lead to a crash later on. Sushi will give you the carbs you need, with an extra energy boost to keep you going. The miso soup will help hydrate and soothe the stomach. If you can’t do fish, or don’t find it appealing, opt for some avocado toast on a thick slice of whole wheat toast.

3:00pm – Smoothie

If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, go for a big green smoothie. Add hydrating and soothing ingredients like coconut water, pineapple, spinach, apple and ginger. This can also replace your daily coffee, which you want to avoid as caffeine is dehydrating and irritating to the stomach.

7:00pm – Turkey Burger and sweet potato fries

You made it through the day and now you need something a little greasy. Go for a protein packed turkey burger and sweet potato fries. This gives you more nutrients than a regular burger and fries, but still satisfies the craving.

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