What To Know About Becoming A Red Head

Bella Breakdown

One of the greatest hair choice I have ever made, and I’ve made a lot, was to go red. At first it came out a bright magenta color, but after getting it toned at a salon, it was one of my favorite hair colors I’ve ever had. So many people have had their red moments. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman, Ciara, Rachel McAdams, Drew Barrymore. The list continues. Red looks especially great on women who have green in their eyes. This is because red and green are direct opposites on the color wheel.

So, what do you need to know about going red? Well, for one, it is an extremely difficult color to keep up. Once you have dyed your hair red, the color is going to wash out quite quickly. That is because red is the largest molecule of color, therefore it sits on top of your hair rather than blending in. Once you do dye your hair red, you are going to have to use specialty shampoos. You are also going to have to get touch ups more frequently than with most colors.

If you’re going from a dark color, you might have to bleach your hair first. This is definitely something to think about if you’re not a fan of bleaching your hair. The brighter the red, the more the bleach. Something to consider!

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