What’s In An Oscar Nominee’s Gift Bag?

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Ever wonder what’s inside the coveted Oscar swag bag? Well, we have all the juicy details on what exactly is inside the bags each Oscar nominee gets. There’s glitz and glam, of course, but some of the food items these celebs get are just as crush-worthy.

Here’s an inside peak into a 2018 Oscar’s swag bag:
-Chocolatines Chocouture chocolate “jewels,” because regular chocolate just won’t cut it.
-Delicacies Candy & Confections small-batch lollipops that are vegan and organic. Ahh, lollipops that adhere to any celeb diet restriction.
-A crate of California oranges and a gift card from EpiFruit, a food delivery app. See? Even the rich and famous give each other gift cards for congratulatory gifts.
-A gift box from Posh Pretzels, the most glam chocolate covers pretzels out there.
– Rouge Maple pure organic maple syrup and other artisanal items. Maple syrup can be fancy?
-Mexican soda brand, Jarritos, will donate soda to an event of the nominee’s choosing. Awww…giving the gift of giving.
-Southern Wicked Lemonade’s moonshine, vodka and gin…time to party!
-Only the best herbal ashwaganda tea from Quincy Herbals.
-A copy of Caroline Flemming’s “Cook Yourself Happy: The Danish Way”
– Stainless steel, vacuum insulated lunch boxes from Vaya. Do they even pack lunches?
-A wearable forearm water bottle.

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