When Do You Need To Drink More Water?

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Hydration is always important. Drinking water will help you with your skin, your regularity, your weight, and much more. Generally, you should be drinking at least two liters a day. However, there are times when you need to drink even more water than normal.

1. When You Drink Alcohol
Drinking often makes people dehydrated because it stops your kidneys from fully talking to your brain, so you lose more fluids than you normally would. Keep a water bottle with you when you go out or order water with your cocktail.

2. When you are on Meds
Some medicines are actually created to get rid or salt and water in your body, so if you are taking medication, look it up to see if a side effect is dehydration.

3. When you Fly
Going on a trip? Be sure to fill up your water bottle after security. Flying causes people to dehydrate because of the low humidity in the plane. It’s also not a bad idea to bring some lotion, because your hands will get dry too.

4. When you are on your period
Menstruation dehydrates you as well! We already know our bodies are working extra when we are on our periods, and they need the extra fluids to get through those cramps and tiring moments.

5. When you are stressed
When you are stressed, you pump out adrenaline. So, your adrenal glands can become tired and need that extra water to rehydrate.

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