When It Comes To Relationships, Friends And Family Might Know Best

Bella Breakdown

Have you ever had the unfortunate circumstance of being in a relationship with someone that most of your friends and family don’t like? Yeah I think we all have. And if that relationship ended, you probably know you should have listened to them when they told you that you should have taken things slower, or reconsidered the relationship. None of your friends or family actually wants to insert themselves into your relationship, however they do know you the best, and they are going to know when things aren’t great for you.

Friends and family have also had relationship experiences of their own. They want to help you avoid being in a painful, even dangerous, situation if they can. Remember that, in most cases, your friends and family have been in your life longer than whoever your partner is. Sometimes these people know you better than you know yourself, and they know when you’re acting strangely. They can only assume that it is your relationship that is causing you to act differently, and they’re probably right.

So the next time a friend is concerned about your relationship, or you find your mom questioning you about whether or not you’re actually happy, don’t write them off as not being supportive. Remember, they’re on your side!

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