Which Beer Is Right For You?

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Getting into the beer drinking world can be overwhelming. Now, with breweries exploding across the United States, there are so many different beer options that if you don’t know what you are doing you will have no idea where to start. Check out the tips below to figure out which beers to try based on your palate preferences.

1. Do you like milkshakes, coffee, or creamy drinks?
Try a porter or a stout. Both of these beers are dark, black beers that are rich in flavor and texture. Porters are made with roasted malt to add flavor and aroma to the beer. Stouts are often creamy and very frequently reminiscent of coffee.

2. Do you like refreshing La Croix or fruity drinks?
If you live for a light, summer bevvy, then check out a fruit or blonde ale. Both of these beers are low in hops, maltiness, and bitterness, meaning that they go down smooth and can drink in succession without the drinker feeling too full or heavy.

Do you enjoy black coffee, brussels sprouts, or Negronis?
Then bitter is your middle name, and IPAs are your game. Only the true fans of the darker side of life will enjoy this hoppy beer. Some say that once you go IPA, you never go back. So, if you can accustom your taste buds to this expensive, high alcohol drink, get ready to join Vader in the dark side.

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