Which City In The U.S. Is The Best For Airbnb-ing Your Home?

Bella Breakdown

Airbnb is the best thing since sliced bread for travelers, and it’s also becoming one of the coolest tools for making easy money as a homeowner. Now, anyone can essentially rent out there home or property and make some extra cash in the process. Homeowners everywhere are realizing that they can pay their monthly mortgage by simply renting out their place a few days each month.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can trade the stuffy and expensive hotel room in for the cozy and much cheaper Airbnb experience. Picking places to travel to can be easy enough, but what if you want to be a successful Airbnb renter? According to Moneyish, if you live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, you could rent out your property for the most bang for your buck. Hosts in Virginia Beach can make over $183 per night! The national average for hosting in the United States is $99, so that is quite a leap!

The next time you get sick of paying that monthly mortgage, perhaps it’s time to look into making a little extra cash as an Airbnb host, especially if you live in Virginia Beach!

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