Why Is Everyone Doing ‘Migraine Pose’ on Instagram These Days?

No, you do not need a migraine to be able to perfect this trending pose. The migraine pose is how all the models and Insta-famous people are posing. Magazine covers, Instagram pictures, and any other photograph you can think of. Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rita Ora and many others have adopted the pose.

There is some science behind the pose though. Makeup artists told Elle magazine that the pose tightens the face and shows off your cheek bones. It also gives your eyebrows a little lift. If you are going to try the pose, professionals say to make sure your nails are looking good since they will be in the photo as well. No one wants to see those gnarly cuticles you haven’t touched in a few months!
Watch the video to see how the pros ditch the Advil and do the migraine pose.

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