Why Manuka Honey Is All The Rage

Bella Breakdown

You’ve probably heard about Manuka (MAH-nooka) honey, and maybe wondered if it was any different from any other kind of honey. Well, it is, and that’s precisely why it is all the rage in the health food and wellness industry. This honey hails from New Zealand, and there are some awesome health benefits to it that you don’t necessarily find in other types of honey. Manuka honey is graded by its potency, which is the factor that makes it different from other honeys, and is called the unique Manuka honey factor (UMF). When the UMF content gets higher, the antibacterial properties become stronger, which means it can be used for wounds, cuts or burns.

When the Manuka honey contains a UMF content higher than 12, it’s considered medical grade. That means you can put it on your food or in your tea, and it will help with things like digestion and immune support. Manuka honey is also great to use on your skin, or even your face as a masque, to help smooth skin and clear blemishes. Basically, Manuka honey is your new savior!

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