Why Millennial Moms Are More At Risk For Depression

Bella Breakdown

A concerning study has determined that Millennial Moms are far more depressed than the generations of mothers before them. This has to do with a number of reasons.

1. Millennials Are More Aware
Millennials are a generation that does not shy away from mental health issues. Young women have been warned in far greater detail, that suffering from postpartum depression is something to look out for. Postpartum depression is often discussed preemptively, and women can devise a plan to look out for symptoms and deal with it accordingly.

2. We’re More Empowered
Because Millennials tend to be a more educated generation, we understand the risks of suffering from postpartum depression. Therefore we feel empowered to speak up about these issues and get the health we need.

3. We, As A Generation, Might Be More Depressed
Unfortunately, we as a generation might be suffering more from actual depression. This could likely be due to stress and environmental factors such as stress from lack of health resources, and short or no maternity leave from work.

When you are pregnant, it’s extremely important to be aware of your mental and physical health. The same goes for after your baby is born. A happy mom means a happy baby!

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