Why We Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

Bella Breakdown

When you were growing up, your mother might have told you that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day… well maybe that was just my mother. But you might have heard this strange saying from somewhere. You wouldn’t be alone in wonder, well, why not?

White used to be viewed as a very formal color. Individuals of means would often wear white during their summers because they were working. It was also a color worn so that they could stay cool. When it was time to head back to work, hence “Labor Day”, people would put away their white clothes and get back into the darks they were wearing at work. People did not want their whites getting dirty from the workplace, so they would be put away until warmer weather, and less work occured.

Now, to me personally, I always wondered when it was acceptable to bring white back? I personally think that white is actually an awesome Winter color, so I am unofficially deeming December the appropriate month to wear white again. However, you could also argue that if you’ve worked through the entire Summer that these silly fashion rules probably don’t need to apply to you. And you would be right.

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