Why We Should “Go For It”

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Netflix’s new movie, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, has been inspiring viewers to write love letters to their crushes, and it’s actually kind of awesome. There is something to be said about putting your heart on the line. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from telling someone how we feel about them. No one likes to be rejected. But there are so many reasons why we should probably just go for it.

1. Good For Your Confidence
This might seem weird, but putting yourself out there is a great way to build your confidence. Don’t allow any rejection that might come your way to beat it down. Putting your heart out there is a great way to practice building confidence.

2. You Never Know Unless You Try
Sure, we kind of know when someone is into us, but we aren’t inside of that person’s brain. So, you will never actually know about someone’s feelings for you unless you put your own out there. It could have a big pay off.

3. Remember, the Right Person Comes Around
If someone says “no” to your feelings, always remind yourself that the right person will say yes. Sure, it will sting, no one says it won’t. The right person will definitely come around.

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