Worcester Food Tour

Bella Breakdown

There are a few reasons we will soon be heading to Worcester, Massachusetts. All of the reasons have to do with food, but oh what special food it is. Downtown Worcester has some of the best restaurants, with the most talked about food in, well most of the United States.

1. Kummerspeck
This casual restaurant has some of the most deliciously decadent meat plates your little heart could ever desire. They have perfectly cooked aged ribeye steaks, in addition to a mouth watering, homemade pastrami reuben.

2. The Queen’s Cups
If you’re looking for something sweet, The Queen’s Cups in the lower canal district have some of the most delicious and creative sweet treats you could think of. They make all of their cupcakes daily, and come up with addicting cup cakes you’ll be dreaming about all night.

3. Pepe’s
If you’re looking for the perfect Italian restaurant, look no further than Pepe’s on Franklin street. They serve amazing homemade Italian food, in tantalizingly large portions. Pizza, pasta, antipasta, meats, cheeses, wines, and the works. Don’t forget the pizza pot pie. A food item I would honestly hop on a plane for right this minute.

So the next time you find yourself anywhere remotely close to Massachusetts, head to downtown Worcester.

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