Yoga Poses That Bring Out The Best In Your Zodiac Sign

Yoga can be one of the most relaxing and intense forms of exercise. Everyone has their favorite pose, but did you know there are certain poses that coincide with your zodiac sign? Based on your personality, try these poses in order to help get in touch with your astrological personality and make the most of your exercises:

Aquarius: Tree Pose
Always remember to stay grounded, because sometimes your mind races too far ahead of your body.
Pisces: Mountain Pose
Show of your duality, flexibility, and adaptability with this great stretch.
Aries: Warrior I
You are strong willed and you need a pose that represents this strength.
Taurus: Cow Pose
It only makes sense that the sign of the bull should practice the cow pose.
Gemini: Side Plank
You use your arms and hands a lot, so strengthening those areas is super important.
Cancer: Upward Dog
Cancers are shy and soft-spoken, so practice a pose that urges you to come out of your shell.
Leo: Camel Pose
You have a fiery spirit, so let that energy flow out from your chest with this pose.
Virgo: Plank Pose
You are a centered soul, so keep your core strong at all times.
Libra: Boat Pose
Your sign represents balance, so make sure you practice this pose in order to maintain that strength.
Scorpio: Scorpion Pose
While it might be one of the more difficult poses, you are always ready for a challenge.
Sagittarius: Pigeon Pose
Sometimes you need to be pushed to open up, and this pose will definitely push you to your limits.
Capricorn: Warrior II
Keep a strong foot forward at all times, as that is what your sign does best.

Try one or try all twelve, because no matter what pose you do, it’ll help you get in touch with your spiritual energy.

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