You Can Now Use Facebook For Online Dating

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Move over Bumble, Tinder, eHarmony,…you get the picture. There are a lot of online dating apps and websites to choose from. If you are a farmer, you can go to Farmers Only. If you are adamant about finding a mate with the same religious views as you, there’s Christian Mingle. There’s even a dating site for curvy women to find men…basically, if you need a dating app catered to you, there’s probably one out there.

Facebook has decided to jump on board as the next site to try online dating. CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is fresh off of his intense sit down chat with Congress after the Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked Facebook and the way we look at privacy. Now, Zuckerberg announced at the social media site’s yearly developer conference, the company will jump into the dating game. This feature seems to be a long time coming, as the site has been a major player in the social media game for 14 years, and we’ve been able to broadcast our relationship status since the site went live in 2004.

Zuckerberg seemed excited about the announcement, saying, “this is going to be for building real, long-term relationships — not just for hookups. We have designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning. Your friends aren’t going to see your profile, and you’re only going to be suggested to people who are not your friends.”

The CEO also made it clear that it will be an opt-in or opt-out type of thing. Well, we would hope so. Not all of us want to turn to Facebook to start dating.

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