Windex Finds its Way to Your Heart With “The Story of Lucy”

Bella Breakdown

As if a deep and compelling father-daughter story didn’t already tug at our heartstrings, Windex’s new campaign combined that emotional rollercoaster with Grace Vanderwaal’s song “Beautiful Thing.”

Seldom can a visual story really hit home without any dialogue, but “The Story of Lucy” is a tearjerking powerhouse from beginning to end. The audience sees a young girl grow, from infancy to her wedding day, adoring her father along the way. Though the story takes us on what seems to be a quick life-long glimpse of their relationship, it begins and ends with the same adorable premise; a janitor who sees new life every day, in the maternity ward of a hospital. A constant reminder of his other half, of the apple of his eye…his own daughter.

What more could you ask for, right? Well, you could ask for lyrics like, “you’re my other half,” or, “you’re what makes me me,” to put the whole thing over the edge. This 12-year-old’s song (yes, she was 12 when she recorded it), which debuted on America’s Got Talent, already created a buzz of its own as fans awaited its 2016 release.

So get your Shazam ready, maybe some popcorn, and definitely some tissues…but more importantly, get ready to never clean a window with a bottle of Windex the same.

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