Wine Squirrel Decanter Is Every Wine Lovers Dream!

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Have you ever tasted a bottle of wine you had opened a week prior? If you haven’t then good for you and do not ever make the same mistake we had. If you do you know that terrible and disappointing bitterness that hits you while expecting to have a refreshing glass of red while binging a new show. Lucky for us, Wine Squirrel has created the solution to this oxidation issue with their amazing decanter!

Sure, there are plenty of anti-oxidation devices out there, but Wine Squirrel created a decanter that works as well as it looks. Not to mention the simplicity! Simply pour the rest of your bottle into the decanter, insert the seal and push down until it is right above the wine, twist the knob clockwise creating an airtight seal, stick the decanter in your fridge, and, voila! Your wine will stay as fresh as the day it was opened until you’re ready for another glass!

Are you like me and the idea of NOT finishing a bottle of wine seems absolutely absurd? Well, the Wine Squirrel Decanter is still a must-have for those times when you have a BFF over who is a total rookie who likes white when you like pink, and then DOESN’T finish their awful wine choice. Now you can save the rest of the bottle for the next time they come over! Save that mula you would usually spend on that terrible friend you have… sorry we are being hostile… stay prepared anytime your awesome pal wants to come over for a glass of white!

The Wine Squirrel Decanter uses advanced technology to create the airtight seal that keeps your wine super fresh for as long as you want! The key to maintaining fresh wine is preventing oxygen from hitting the wine, which can easily slip into a bottle via cork or screw on top. Are you a red wine lover? Don’t let the fridge storage requirement turn you off, this is simply because wine keeps longer in cooler temperatures! If you want to drink your preserved red, all you have to do is take it out an hour or two before planned serving!


Want to order? Head over to the Wine Squirrel website and get yours in time for the holidays!




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