‘Wreck-reational’ Destruction Zone

The New ‘Date Night’

There is an endless list of irritating, irking, bellow-worthy annoyances that make us want to throw our computers and phones across the room. At the Wrecking Club in New York City, you can do exactly that. At this ‘rage room’ you can break, smash, kick, hit whatever your angry heart desires.  Tom Daly, the founder of the recreational destruction zone, created the room to allow fellow New Yorkers to get out all of their frustrations out in a physical (but weirdly healthy) manner.

Daly says you can even bring your own stuff once it is approved. Two people are allowed to go into a room at a time to absolutely destroy any and all objects within the room. The demolition-room will even play music of your choice to get you pumped up to break whatever is in your way.

Some New Yorkers that are bored of the mainstream date of dinner and a movie, are using the Wrecking Club as a date venue. Couples love that it is a good workout and it is, well, just straight up fun. So if you are ever in the NYC area, check out the Wrecking Club menu to see was destruction package works for you. Just don’t forget to bring some anger and maybe a helmet.

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