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Whether you love her or you hate her, you gotta admit that Taylor Swift is unstoppable. (Hint: in case you want to know, I freaking love her.) She has been spinning platinum records, winning awards, and making millions for years now.

This year was no different. she continues to succeed, and her success has been validated by the iHeartRadio Tour of the Year Award.

This past year, people thought that her climb up the musical ladder might finally come to an end with her Reputation Tour. For six months before the show, critics were claiming that her Reputation Tour was going to be a huge flop, and that the stands in her huge venues would only be half full.

Taylor was reading the news leading up to her first show, and she states that the criticisms really affected her confidence going into the performances. However, she coyly notes that there was one thing that the critics could never have predicted: “My fans.”

She was able to sell out show after show due to her loyal following, and Swift couldn’t be more grateful. In her acceptance speech, she lovingly and emotionally addresses her fans, saying, “I honestly owe everything in my life to you.”

Taylor will always say that her success can be accredited to her fans, and perhaps this is the reason why she is so popular in the first place: She always puts her fans first and they adore her for it.

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