A Love Story Inspired This Candy Shop

Love Inspired This Tasty Chocolate Bar

This is a love story for the ages, and it’s just in time to warm your heart on Valentine’s Day. Josh took Rosie on a date to see the movie “Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory” and a simple idea was born: why is it only kids that get to have the fun with chocolate and candy? Let’s just say, we are very glad these two love birds started Sugarfina, a candy boutique for adults, because now we get to try all the candy that we thought we lost when we began adulting.

That love story did indeed inspired the birth of Sugarfina. From Vegan-friendly gummy bears to martini olive almonds, this place is truly an adult candy store dream. All of the candy is sourced from around the world, and Sugarfina is now all across the United States and even in Canada. One of their hottest items is a dark chocolate bar with baby champagne bears, is made in Las Vegas, Nevada. This bar is made by hand, and the whole process starts with over 30,000 chocolate beans that are roasted, grinned, melted then molded. And don’t forget those champagne gummy bears…which are added at the end, by hand of course.

Author: Amy

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