How To Celebrate Valentines Day When You’re Engaged

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For starters, congratulations newlyweds! Well, that is if you are in fact engaged. Some of us may just be reading this article for our future Valentines Day plans, and that’s quite alright too! You can never be too prepared when it comes to love. Since most couples are only engaged for a year or less, you have to make the most of the most romantic day of the year. Maybe you want to do something you will always remember, or maybe you just want to celebrate while you can!

Here are some great ideas for what to do on Valentines Day when you’re engaged:
1. Get sentimental: Make sure you make the most of the romance between the two of you, and utilize this romantic, albeit corny, holiday. Take a trip back down memory lane and perhaps go on a date at the first place you met, or the first place you went on a date, if possible! If that’s not a possibility, watch the first movie you watched together, play some music you guys both liked, etc. Get creative here guys!
2. Save for the wedding: Don’t blow the budget on Valentines Day, you have the rest of your lives to do that! If you’ve been a little tight lately in order to save for the wedding, make sure you stay in and keep saving.
3. Do a joint activity: Cooking together is always a great way to keep it romantic and fun, or if you have a bath tub, a nice bath together is fun and sexy!
4. Get away: If that wedding planning has been stressing you out, make sure you take a breather and perhaps get away. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, maybe a simple road trip to a cute little bed and breakfast would suffice.
5. Relax: Take a trip to the spa together to get a couples massage and a nice relaxing day together. If the spa is out of the budget, try another form of therapy like yoga or meditation together.
6. Bring the family together: Invite some family and/or friends over for a potluck where everyone can feel included, even if they’re single. You can also get plenty of advice from other married couples on what you’re about to dive into!

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