June 2019 Was The Hottest Month Ever

Oh look, my sneakers are melting.

I don’t think I could live in a world without air conditioning. I already have a high resting body temperature, so when you combine that with high ambient temperatures, I fry like a blintz. This past summer, especially, was absolutely brutal, and not just for me either. The summer of 2019 has gone on the record as the hottest months in the history of… well, ever. There have never been hotter months than June and July of 2019.

Credit: Johannes Eisele / AFP – Getty Images

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the global temperature averaged at 62.13 degrees Fahrenheit. That might sound like a pleasantly cool afternoon, but you have to remember that that number is factoring in places that are supposed to be at least twenty degrees colder than that on a regular basis. That’s pretty worrying in itself, but even worse, if you didn’t factor those places in, the places that are usually around 80 degrees in the summer shot well past a hundred on a regular basis. That’s heatstroke weather.

Credit: PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images

In addition to being a generally unpleasant state of things for everyone involved, those hot months worsened the planet’s gradually rising sea levels. As a result of that heat wave, Arctic and Antarctic sea ice shrank to historic lows. That’s a lot of melted ice filling up the ocean.

Credit: Phys.org

The summers have been getting progressively hotter for the last ten years, with each one setting new records. If these summer heats get any worse, people are going to start catching fire just from standing outside. The intense heat could also do substantial damage to crops, animals, and other pillars of economic infrastructure. We need a solution to global climate change, and we need it yesterday, or else we’ll fry before we sink.

Author: Hana Oxford

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