Nike Reveals New Hands-Free Slip-On Sneakers

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Nike reveals its first-ever hands-free sneakers dubbed the Go FlyEase shoes that are lace-free for the easiest slip-on sneaker. The new Go FlyEase design incorporates a “bistable hinge” in the shoes allowing users to easily slip on the shoe without having to bend over.

The new design also incorporates a bi-stable hinge to secure the shoe when fully opened and closed. Wearers can also take the Go FlyEase shoes by pressing on the heel of the opposite foot to remove the shoe hands-free with an easy kickstand heel. The Go FlyEase design incorporates a split sole supported by the “diving board” on the underside of the shoe for stability and comfort.

If you’re excited to get your hands on these new shoes, you’ll have to get in line for a special invitation. The first edition batch of the new sneakers will be available by invitation only on February 15.

This new shoe is apart of Nike’s FlyEase technology collection that is available by invite for select Nike Members in North America, Africa, Japan, Middle East, and Europe. Nike plans on releasing another batch of the new sneakers to the public later this year.

The Go FlyEase shoes will be available in three colors including a dark-color theme with blue, purple, and green accents; a monochrome color theme with blue, black, and red; and a pastel theme featuring lighter colors. The new Nike sneakers are priced at $120 but will be sure to be out of stock minutes after launch.

Author: Sue Swinea

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