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Who doesn’t love IKEA? The first time I ever went into their showrooms, I was amazed at just how much stuff they could fit in one area, and how much of it I didn’t actually need but really wanted. It’s like a playground for new house-owners to splurge at and a great way to test just how handy you are with a screwdriver and hammer. Now, IKEA just got cooler, and no we aren’t talking more meatballs at the food court.

Take a peek above and watch as Michael Anderson and Jeppe Christensen “reform” your IKEA purchases into some of the sleekest looking kitchens on the market. Their business, Reform, is all about taking some of the most basic pieces of furniture and flipping them into a freshly modern take on classic kitchen styles.

The idea behind this company was to give customers a choice in custom features for more functional furniture, that fits around the customer’s lifestyle and offering an affordable budget. Reform consults with interior designers to ensure that their product is functional and fashionable.

Their service does all the work for you, so you can skip the whole assembly process and go straight to cooking in your dream kitchen. They also do bathrooms and wardrobes so you can deck your whole house in primed up pieces of furniture.

Author: Karli Wallace

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