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Growing up I was always super active, I played a ton of sports and now at the age of 26, I suffer from a lot of muscle and joint issues. I still love to be active despite the pain, the tightness, and the soreness. With that being said, I continue to push through it. I’ve tried every gadget on the market to help with pain and really work on that tightness and finally gave up until our wonderful readers continued to recommended Moji Heated Massage Roller….so I had to check it out!

What Is The Moji Heated Roller

The Moji Heated Roller is unlike any other roller. It is a dual therapy massage roller that incorporates the benefits of traditional foam rolling with 30-minute therapeutic heat and let me tell you the heat makes all the difference. My favorite place to use the roller is on my back and calves, but it can also be used on your glutes, hamstrings, quads, IT bands, and hips.


Targeted relief
2-piece design
Patents pending
Made in the U.S.A.
Cushioned textured exterior
30-minutes of therapeutic heat
1-year warranty from date of purchase
13 inches long by 4 inches in diameter
Approximately 3 lbs

How It Works

When you first receive your Moji Heated Roller you are going to want to unbox. Then when you are ready to use it you are going to want to heat in the microwave. Do not heat any other way and the microwave must be 900W or higher. Something to note, microwaves do vary in heating effectiveness despite wattage listed. For first time use heat for 3 minutes. Be sure to NEVER heat for more than 3 minutes and 20 seconds. This is because the roller keeps heating for a little bit even after removing from the microwave.

I typically like to heat the entire roller, but if you are only looking to heat half of the roller make sure to only heat half the time. The two-piece roller is attached by a latch so if you are looking to microwave half turn the two halves in opposite directions to detach the two pieces (if you have a hard time with this don’t worry the latch will loosen up after a few times using it). If you are still having trouble be sure to check out their Youtube video HERE.

Also, be sure to ALWAYS wait 3 hours or more before any reheating. Overheating can easily cause the product to be damaged, cause burns and your warranty will be void so it really is crucial to follow the directions.

Another important tip is to always check the temperature of the massage roller before using it on your bare skin. Then once you have checked the temperature, place the roller on the floor and apply pressure to the desired muscle. Roll the roller back and forth to experience relief. The way you use it is the same way you would use a traditional foam roller, but with heat.

For those of you who only want heat sometimes, the roller also can be used without heating. Last but not least, after you are done with using the roller wipe it down with a damp cloth using water only and air dry.

Final Thoughts

I am totally obsessed with the Moji Heated Roller! I have been playing sports and working out since I basically learned to walk. Being active is a huge part of my life so it’s super important to me to be in the best condition I can be in. I have incorporated this roller into my daily routine and even love to bring the roller when I travel. It has become a huge part of my routine and I’m so happy you guys told me about this. It has changed my life in so many ways and I would love for it to change yours as well.

I highly recommend this product to all of our beautiful Bellas…you deserve it! For more on Moji be sure to check out their site HERE. For the latest be sure to follow them on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE!


Author: Amanda Sims

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