Trying To Get In Shape? Try This Form Of Exercise

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If you have been looking to get into shape, or you’re just looking for a different way to get your sweat on, this may be your new thing. High intensity training, in the form of boxing. Look, we no longer live in a world where boxing is a ‘man’s’ sport…it’s for everyone, and the results you will see may astound you! But don’t take it from us, take it from a professional trainer himself.

Alex Duenas is a fitness performance coach at BoxFit in West Palm Beach, Florida. There’s nothing quite like the sandy beaches, glistening ocean water and being able to flaunt your in-shape bod! But, it’s not just about how you look for Duenas. It’s much more than that. Though it does burn a ton of fat and will get you toned, Duenas wants to inspire people to get in shape and stay healthy for a better quality of life.

Duenas says the best part about being a trainer is seeing, “the look on people’s face after doing a workout and being like, ‘wow, that was completely different.'” So, next time you’re in sunny Florida, stop by BoxFit in Palm Beach to get the best workout of your life!

Author: Kelsey

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