5 Easter Traditions From Around The World

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Easter Sunday is upon us and while Americans are busy dying eggs and hunting for candy other countries who celebrate the holiday will be enjoying their own traditions. Here are 5 different Easter traditions celebrated from around the world:

Florence, Italy
The Scoppio del Carro, or the “Explosion of the Cart”, is a historical tradition celebrated for over 300 years. A decorated cart, built in 1622, is pulled by two oxen throughout the city of Florence for all citizens to see.

Sweden and Finland
For these two countries, large bonfires are lit to ward off evil witches that believe roam about during the holiday. Their version of hunting for Easter eggs is for children to dress up as witches and beg for chocolates in the streets.

Corfu, Greece
Known as “The First Resurrection,” pots are thrown out of windows for this Grecian tradition. The throwing out of pots is a way to welcome spring by ridding the people of old pots and using new ones to gather the season’s crops.

Bessières, France
For the French annual tradition, a giant omelet is made in the main square using 4,500 eggs. History says the tradition began when Napoleon came and demanded that a giant omelet be made for him and his army.

Jerusalem, Israel
Finally, to the place where Christianity began. Many Christians visit the city of Israel and walk the same path that Jesus on the day he was crucified. Whiles some choose to walk with whatever they came with, others have decided to carry a large cross to symbolize Jesus’ journey.

Learn more about the worldly Easter traditions in the video above.

Author: Brittany Jones

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