5 Reasons You Always Get Headaches At Work

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If you have noticed that you don’t seem to get any headaches except when you’re at work there may be a reason for that. In fact, here are 5 reasons why you are constantly getting headaches while you’re at work.

You may have figured this one out on your own, but your computer screen may be the big culprit for your head pain. Since most of our jobs require us to be on a computer or looking at a screen for the duration of our day it’s no surprise that 10-15% of patients associate computer use to their eyestrain and headaches.

Depending on your job you could be working a very stressful job and due to that, your headaches could be a symptom of that. If you are able to, retirement has had a positive impact on headache occurrences for people who engaged in high-stress work, cutting the number of attacks nearly in half.

Furthermore, work-related emotional exhaustion has been shown to be higher in those with episodic migraine attacks, suggesting that they are less likely to have adapted stress reduction mechanisms.

The lighting in your office could also be a reason why you are suffering from headaches. Whether you work in an office, factory or other types of space, you are likely exposed to fluorescent lighting which has been reported to trigger more than half of women who have a history of migraine.

Even if you haven’t officially been diagnosed with a chronic headache disorder, fluorescent lighting in the office setting nearly doubles headache occurrences compared to environments that use more natural light.

Author: Maya Dixon

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