A Skewer is Cooler

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When you throw a party with a lot of guests, you can’t help but feel as though things need to seem unique. You want to create a memorable atmosphere, and that means every detail needs to be perfect, down to how you’re serving your food. Sure, buffet style is always great, and even having servers pass out appetizers is awesome too. The latest, and possibly most talked about trend, has to be the skewer.

Seriously, we’ve been skewering everything. The skewer is no longer saved for the kabob. A skewer can pretty much make any average food seem fancy. Skewer chicken nuggets and mini waffles, topped with a sriracha-syrup sauce, for some awesome chicken and waffle appetizers. You can even skewer a salad! Skewer lettuce, bacon, bleu cheese, egg, avocado, and tomatoes for a cobb salad skewer.

End your night with a skewered dessert! The cake ball is an awesome desert on a stick. Smash your favorite cake & frosting. Refrigerate for an hour, sprinkle, skewer, and serve with a frosting dipping sauce. Putting your food on a stick will definitely set you apart from the rest. You’ll also be creating a party people will want to keep talking about. So skewer on my friends!

Author: Anastasia Smith

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