Bryce Dallas Howard Finally Loves Her ‘Baby-Making Hips’

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Actress Bryce Dallas Howard, of “Jurassic World” fame, shares why she loves her body (including her butt!) and her favorite song to sing in the shower. Bryce Dallas Howard proudly says “I love my butt!” As an actress having to go to fittings, she would never fit quite properly into clothes. However, when she actually had her children she was quite happy to have those childbearing hips. Then, fashion changed. Bryce sends a huge shout out to the Kardashians because now all of the clothes fit her. When asked what she would say to women struggling with body confidence, she recommends thinking about what you would say to your best friend. You would tell your best friend to move on and ignore any negative comments. Enjoy your body!

Bryce’s favorite outfit that she has ever worn was her costume for the character Claire she played in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. It was a simple outfit of cargo pants, sturdy boots and a T-shirt. Her favorite song to sing in the shower is from The Little Mermaid. Her emoji would be “kissy face” -  the one winking and blowing a kiss. If she had to tell her younger self one thing it would be not to diet. Do not try to change what you’re eating to change what your body looks like. It only works for a short period of time and then you rebound right back to the way you are. Enjoy your life!

Author: Kristen Farley

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