Cardi B Isn’t Allowed To Rap About What?

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It seems as though Cardi B pretty much raps about whatever she wants. She is known for her straightforward, provocative lyrics. However, there are some things that she apparently doesn’t rap about so that she doesn’t upset her husband. If you don’t know already, Cardi B is married to rapper Offset of the group Migos.

Offset, much like the lyrics in his own music, is by no means innocent. He, on multiple occasions has been accused or caught cheating on Cardi B. Cardi has rapped about unfaithful love in her songs,”Thru Your Phone” and “Be Careful”.

It was speculated that it was about her husband, and father of Cardi’s newborn daughter Kulture. What Offset is most likely not wanting Cardi to rap about, are her relationships with men in the past. Cardi is a good enough wife to respect that wish. She also doesn’t use male models in an inappropriate manner in any of her videos so as not to upset Offset.

Apparently he does the same in his videos as well. You know, just not in real life though. You have to respect Cardi’s loyalty to her man, even if we all sort of hate Offset for hurting such a queen.

Author: Haley DePass

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